The future of pet manufacturing is here

Loop Industries' Infinite Loop™ provides an end-to-end industrial solution to supply the global demand for Loop™ PET resin made from 100% recycled content.

Decoupling PET and polyester fiber production from fossil fuels by using waste materials, Infinite Loop™ facilities will also be located near large population centers, where people are consuming and recycling plastic, to create a fully circular plastics ecosystem.

Infinite Loop™ Highlights

  • Infinite Loop™ helps reduce plastic waste and increase plastic recycling rates by upcycling plastic that cannot be processed: today, all of this waste ends up in our oceans and landfills
  • Infinitely recyclable: the PET plastic and polyester fiber produced by Infinite Loop™ can be infinitely recycled without quality degradation
  • Manufacturing solution combines Loop's proprietary depolymerization technology with Invista/Chemtex's PET polymerization know-how to create infinitely recyclable, high-purity, food grade PET plastic and polyester fibe
  • Expansion will be tailored to Loop’s customers’ growing need for PET plastic and polyester fiber made from 100% recycled content
The future of pet manufacturing is here

Strong Industrial

Partnering with reputable global technology, industrial, engineering, procurement and construction leaders gives us the agility, power and confidence to deliver our revolutionary recycled PET manufacturing solutions to the world.

Our Industrial Partners

Breathing new life into existing PET manufacturing facilities

In partnership with


We have partnered with leading global PET manufacturer Indorama Ventures to retrofit their existing facilities to produce Loop™ PET resin and polyester fiber.